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Jan Smit Live - Reprise

Kelly joined Jan Smit for a theatre tour this season. The show has been such a succes that it will be continued next season with 26 more shows!

For tour dates please check the agenda.

Tickets will be for sale at Nationale Theater Kassa.
Please visit their website for more information or contact them at 0900-9203 (€0,45 / pm)

Beste Zangers van Nederland 6th Season

The 6th Season of the Dutch TV Show "Beste Zangers van Nederland" will start on Wednesday the 7th of May on Nederland 3 at 20:20 hr.

This season featuring the following artists: Leona Philippo, Dave von Raven, Mattanja Joy Bradley, Jack Poels, Sabrina Starke, Lisa Lois, Ben Saunders & Niels Geusebroek.

Interview with Kelly

On the 12th of October an interview with Kelly was aired on TV Limburg. The interview can be watched in the video below!

Jan Dulles ft. Kelly on new album 3J's

On the Dutch TV Show "Beste Zangers Unplugged" which was aired in the summer of 2012, Jan Dulles performed Somebody that I used to know. Kelly sang the female lead vocals in this song.

This version of Somebody that I used to know has now been released on the new album of 3J's called Totzoverder!



The cd is for sale at most Dutch record stores and is available on Itunes.

To watch the performance of Sombody that I used to know from Beste Zangers Unplugged, see the video on the left side.

"Kelly op bezoek bij..."

Between Christmas and New Year Kelly had a show on TVL called "Kelly op bezoek bij...". In this show she visited several Dutch artists to talk about what they do during the holidays and what their plans for next year are.

If you want to see the episodes please click below:
Kelly op bezoek bij Do
Kelly op bezoek bij Xander
Kelly op bezoek bij Frans Duijts
Kelly op bezoek bij Wolter Kroes
Kelly op bezoek bij Jannes

Kelly as ambassador for Vialisa

On the 7th of April 2012 Kelly announced that she will be an ambassador for Vialisa.

Vialisa is a foundation which invests in small-scale projects that improve self-reliance of underprivileged youth in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka. For more information about Vialisa, please visit their website!

Nick tegen Simon

From the 4th of February Kelly will be doing backing vocals on the new Dutch tv-show called "Nick tegen Simon" (airs every Saturday Nederland 1, 20:25 hr). In this show Nick & Simon will compete against each other, with a bit of help from other Dutch artists.

Missed an episode? Click on the episode below to see it!

Episode 1, Jeroen v Koningsbrugge & Dennis v/d Ven, 04-02-2012
Episode 2, Jan Smit & Do, 11-02-2012
Episode 3, Angela Groothuizen & Jamai, 18-02-2012
Episode 4, Gerard Joling & Chantal Janzen, 18-02-2012
Episode 5, Anita Meyer & Hind, 03-03-2012
Episode 6, Martin Buitenhuis & Remco Veldhuis, 10-03-2012
Episode 7, Glennis Grace & Birgit Schuurman, 17-03-2012
Episode 8, Edsilia Rombley & Ruth Jacott, 24-03-2012

TVL Lifestyle

Kelly recently has taken on a job as host of the tv-show called TVL Lifestyle. This show is aired on TV Limburg every Saturday.

Kelly is taking turns hosting this show together with Kiki van Aubel. TVL Lifestyle is a show about the latest trends on fashion, living, decoration, travelling and much more!

For more information about TVL Lifestyle and to watch the show, please click here.


Do & Kelly in Talkies

In the June/July 2011 issue of the Dutch magazine Talkies, there is an interview + photoshoot with best friends Do & Kelly.

To read the interview, please click here.

"Alles Palletie"

In the Spring 2011 edition of "Alles Palletie", a magazine which is available in Venlo (Netherlands), there is an article about Kelly. To read the article, please click on one of the headlines below!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

More info about "Alles Palletie"

"De beste zangers van Nederland" 3th Season

From the 18th of March (Every Saturday, Nederland 1: 20.25 hr) Kelly is doing backing vocals on the third season of "De beste zangers van Nederland". This season participants: Do, Peter Koelewijn, Glennis Grace, Wolter Kroes, Lange Frans, Xander de Buisonjé, Anita Meyer & George Baker.

Missed an episode? Click on the episode you want to see!

Interview Quatro Lifestyle

Quatro Lifestyle is a Dutch magazine which is sold in Limburg. In the autumn issue there is an article about Kelly. To read the article please click on one of the headlines:

Mach 4

More info about Quatro Lifestyle

"De beste zangers van Nederland" Season 2

From the 18th of July (Every Sunday, Nederland 3: 20.30 hr) Kelly can be seen on the second season of the Dutch tv-show "De beste zangers van Nederland". This seasons participants: Jeroen van der Boom, Jan Dullen, Frans Duijts, Frans Bauer, Jamai Loman, Rene Froger & Syb van der Ploeg. This season is hosted by Victor Reinier.

Missed an episode? Click on the episode you want to see below!

    Episode 1, Jeroen van der Boom, 18-07-2010
    Episode 2, Jamai Loman, 25-07-2010
    Episode 3, Rene Froger, 01-08-2010
    Episode 4, Syb van der Ploeg, 08-08-2010
    Episode 5, Jan Dulles, 15-08-2010
    Episode 6, Frans Duijts, 22-08-2010
    Episode 7, Frans Bauer, 29-08-2010
    Episode 8, Compilation, 05-09-2010

    Kelly in Oslo with Sieneke for Eurovision!

    Kelly will be performing on stage during Eurovision 2010 in Oslo, Norway. She will do backing vocals for the Dutch participant Sieneke, who will perform a song called "Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie)".

    Unfortunately they did not make it through to the Final, but the performance was great!

    On the video page you can find an interview with Kelly, Yvette & Wiesje!

    "De beste zangers van Nederland"

    From the 5th of July, Kelly can be seen on the Dutch tv-show "De beste zangers van Nederland". This is a show where different Dutch singers will perform each other's songs. The show is hosted by Edsilia Rombley. Kelly is doing the backing vocals!

    Missed an episode? Click on the episode you want to see below!

    Episode 1, Henk Westbroek, 05-07-2009
    Episode 2, Simon Keizer, 12-07-2009
    Episode 3, Danny de Munk, 19-07-2008
    Episode 4, Gordon, 26-07-2009
    Episode 5, Thomas Berge, 02-08-2009
    Episode 6, Albert West, 09-08-2009
    Episode 7, Nick Schilder, 23-08-2009
    Episode 8, Compilation, 30-08-2009

    Belle Perez concert in Hasselt

    On the 24th of October, Belle Perez will end her "10 years on stage" celebration year with a big show in Hasselt, Belgium. Kelly will be joining her on stage to do backing vocals!

    New summertour Stan van Samang!

    This summer Stan van Samang will be touring through Belgium again. Kelly will be doing backing vocals during this tour.

    The complete schedule can be found in Kelly's agenda.

    Kelly on tour with Nick & Simon

    From February till April 2009, Kelly will be doing backing vocals in Nick & Simon's new tour called "Overal". This show will be performed in several major Dutch theatres. The complete tourguide can be found in Kelly's agenda. Most theatres are already sold out.

    Join Kelly on Myspace & Hyves!

    Besides having her own website, Kelly also has her own MySpace site and a hyves fan group! Please click here to go to Kelly's MySpace.

    If you want to join her Hyves fan group, please click here.

    Kelly @ Stan

    Kelly on tour with Stan van Samang

    This summer Kelly will be on tour with the Belgium singer Stan van Samang. The first concert was on the 10th of May in Antwerp. The tourlist is available in the agenda!

    Earlier this month, there was a special concert taped for the Belgium tv station Eén. This special will be broadcasted on the 16th of May at 20.40 hr.

    Portrait Kelly
    Kelly goes to Londen & Stockholm!

    At the end of April Kelly went to London for a few days to write songs with Alan Glass. This turned to work out very good, and because of that Kelly will go to London again in May.

    Alan Glass has produced for artists like Aretha Franklin, Earth wind and fire & George BensonKelly will also go to Stockholm in May and June, to work with Richard Darell, who has written songs for artists like Lutricia McNeal, Johnny Logan and American and Swedish Idol.

    CD Cover Jeroen van der Boom

    Kelly on DVD of Jeroen van der Boom

    On the 4th of April Jeroen van der Boom's latest album was launched. The Dutch store Free Record Shop has released a special version, which contains a DVD.

    This DVD shows a few songs of the concert Jeroen gave in Amsterdam in November 2007. Kelly sang backing vocals at this concert, and therefore can be seen on this DVD. Click here to order this CD/DVD!


    Kelly @ Sandrine

    Eurovision Songcontest Belgium 2008 (Sandrine)

    Kelly will provide Sandrine with backing vocals during the finals of Eurosong 2008 in Belgium.

    Unfortunately they have reached 2nd place in the final. But the performance was great!

    Sandrine's song and clips of previous rounds can be found here!
    The video of the finals can be found on the video page.


    Logo Voetbalvrouwen

    Kelly has had a small part in one of the episodes of the Dutch TV-series "Voetbalvrouwen". This scene can be found on the videopage. Some other new videos are also added to the videopage!


    Giel Beelen
    Giel, Kelly & Des'ray

    Last summer, Kelly could be seen on Giel Beelen's tv show, as one of the vocalists in the band that took care of the live music. All episodes can be watched online:

    Episode 1, 08-07-2007
    Episode 2, 15-07-2007
    Episode 3, 22-07-2007
    Episode 4, 29-07-2007
    Episode 5, 05-08-2007
    Episode 6, 12-08-2007
    Episode 7, 19-08-2007
    Episode 8, 26-08-2007

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